Air Filtration

Air Quality & Filtration

Breathing is an automatic action that our bodies can do without thinking, but have you ever thought about the quality of the air you are breathing? There are all kinds of spores, bacteria, pollutants, toxins, and germs you could be breathing in every day. That is why air filtration is so important… You can either buy or filter or be a filter.

Clean Air at Home with the Right Filtration System

The correct air filtration system helps reduce pollutants and cleans the air in your Phoenix area home. Filters range from high efficiency to basic filters that would need a replacement every month. There are so many filtration options to choose from it can be overwhelming. Our selection of air filtration systems offers the latest technology that can reach your entire house.

Air Filtration Products Installed and Serviced

It’s hard to decide what filter would work the best for your home and how much it will cost/save here in Arizona. That’s why you can call us! We know all about filters and which could make sense for your home and family. We have options for every setup and budget.

The #1 air filter in your home is your Air Conditioning unit… but did you know what is considered the #2 filter in your home… your lungs!

The Environmental Protection Agency tells us that, “Indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. Indoor air quality has become such an issue that the EPA estimates that the air inside your home can be up to 70 times more polluted than the air found outside.”

At Paramount Home Services we are big fans of “buying a filter, instead of being a filter!” We carry some of the best air filtration systems in the industry and we have something for every budget and need. Whether you have a large family, family members with auto-immune deficiencies, odor problems or just want a basic filter to keep you healthier, we have options for you to choose from!

Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Your ducts are the gateways that bring air into your home. Over time, these ducts can get microbes, bacteria, dirt, and dust. If you could crawl up into your ducts, you might be tempted to walk around with a breathing mask, luckily there is a better solution. Have Paramount Home Services comes into your home, clean your air ducts and install an air filtration system. The process involves cleaning the air supply and return diffusers and grilles. It’s the ideal way to get rid of dirt, dust, and odors from your home.

Sealing your ducts might be a good idea as well, due to natural air leaks that happen in your duct system over time (There is no need to cool your attic with these leaks). Many homes have leaks and you would never even know it. If you knew that you could save money by sealing the duct leaks would you do it? Yes, of course! Our technicians not only clean the ducts, but they will also check for leaks so your AC is used in your living space, not your attic.