Heating Repair in Phoenix and Tucson

Arizona is known for its brutally hot summers, but its winters can be chilling as well. That’s why Paramount Home Services employs technicians with the highest proficiency in both cooling and heating. With thousands of furnace installations and over 100,000 service calls under our belt, you can rest assured that Paramount Home Services can solve all of your furnace and heating problems.

Whether your furnace has decided to quit on you at midnight or the early morning hours, our team of technicians are ready to do your heating repair in no time. We have experts who have gone through certifications and extensive training in the industry – we will fix your heating problem right the first time. Paramount Home Services professionals are seasoned in servicing any type of boiler or furnace for your home.

We have expertise on a variety of equipment, from gas and electric furnaces to heat pumps and propane systems. From simple repairs to complete system replacements, on any make or model, we’ve got you covered!

Paramount Home Services provides fast, 24-hour emergency service to the Phoenix and Tucson areas in case your comfort system unexpectedly breaks down.

Maintain Your Heating System – DANGER!

Maintaining your Heating System is one of the most important things you can do for your home. You will save on your utility bills and prolong the life of your equipment, but most importantly you WILL PROTECT YOUR HOME AND FAMILY! Heating systems are one of the largest causes of home fires and your heater should be maintained EVERY year. Heating systems can also cause dangerous CO leaks, so whether you use Paramount Home Services or another company, please get your Heating System Tune-up once a year.

Heater Installation and Services

If you are in the process of deciding whether your furnace needs a replacement, don’t worry we have you covered. We take care of helping you decide what the best heating equipment will be for your specific home. Our installation service will take care of selecting a furnace for you based on the size of your house, your budget, and energy efficiency factors. We will have technicians who will work with you from the first step of your heating repair to the finished installation of your furnace.

If you’re looking for heating experts to care of your home, Paramount Home Services offers high-quality heating in the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. We offer a vast selection of expertise that ranges from air handlers, gas furnaces, boilers, and even garage heaters. Our customers rely on us and our service calls have given us a variety of skills to solve any repair needs you may have.

Paramount Home Services Offers:

  • Certified, trained technicians working evenings and weekends – at no extra charge!
  • “Comfort today or you don’t pay” guarantee
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty on all repairs
  • Fully stocked service and maintenance vehicles
  • Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year