Repairs and Maintenance

Imagine your home without power. The negative consequences of a power outage are easy to imagine. Punishing heat, spoiled food, mold infiltration, and more. Loss of contact with the outside world. Loss of control.

Now imagine not having to worry about any of this. You can take back control with an automatic generator from Paramount Home Services! We carry a full line of Generac home standby generators – the most trusted name in whole-home generators. Whether it’s a smaller unit to provide essential circuit coverage for the basics, or true whole-house coverage to protect it all, Paramount Home Services has you covered.

How It Works

If your power goes out, your generator comes on – automatically. It’s really that simple. The generator system consists of a generator and transfer switch. The generator sits outside of your home or business just like a central air conditioner, while the transfer switch is located next to the main breaker box, and in some cases replaces it entirely.

Light/Medium-Duty Residential and Commercial Backup Systems

The CorePower™ system and smaller kW Guardian® Series units are perfect for covering a select number of circuits or for managed whole-house coverage for small and medium-sized homes.

Guardian® Series (8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 22 kW units)

The #1 selling home standby generator. With Generac’s Guardian Series, you can ensure you have the level of coverage that is appropriate to your needs. Either match your needs to a prepackaged system or have your dealer or contractor help design the best system for you.

CorePower™ Series (7 kW unit)

The best value in residential standby power. The 7 kW CorePower system is a complete generator and transfer switch system, priced more affordably than any other generator and transfer switch package in the market. The compact design is engineered for easy maintenance and serviceability, and is ideal when space is at a premium.

EcoGen Series (6 kW unit)

Engineered specifically for off-grid use. Generac offers the only automatic standby generator engineered specifically for off-grid applications. The EcoGen eliminates the expense and unreliability previously associated with alternative energy backup power options, instead providing affordable, reliable, low emission, off-grid standby power.

Heavy-Duty Residential and Commercial Backup Systems

Larger kW units are capable of providing whole-house backup for most homes. They are also ideal for many commercial applications. Ask about Generac’s commercial custom generators when three-phase or more than 60 kW is required.

Guardian® Series (25, 30, 45, 60 kW units)

Need a little more power? The solid, reliable, increased power of a liquid-cooled engine provides whole-house protection for larger homes, and small to medium-size businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants and offices.

QuietSource® Series (22, 27, 36, 48 kW)

The ultimate in home protection. Premium features are standard on the ultimate standby generator. Thanks to the low-speed engine, it’s so quiet you’ll forget you own a generator until you need it. Ideal for large residential and small to medium commercial applications.